About Angela

Angela served as a US Army Sergeant in a Pershing Missile Nuclear Weapons Unit during the Cold War. For years she supported her husband as a Navy Spouse and Ombudsman for his command while working as a DoD employee and a Service & Hospitality Manager. She earned a Bachelors in Business with a certification in Project Management while living and traveling Abroad. She is well versed in the economic issues related to our important #1 tourism industry and #2 agricultural industry.   She has volunteered with the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, and runs a small hobby farm with her husband on their property in Crestview since his retirement from the US Navy.  She has been active in the community since returning to this area and is currently a Precinct Committeewoman in Crestview for the local Democratic party.


Angela's Priorities

Unity, Community, and a Better Place to Live

The Florida State Legislature has been in GOP control for over 20 years, despite Florida having more registered Democrats.  We must have a say in how our state is managed, and we must be the checks and balances necessary to provide a fair and functioning government for all of us.


  • Stagnant wages that have failed to keep up with the cost of living

  • Unemployment fall-out from the continuing pandemic mostly affecting service workers

  • Health care disparity and the costs to the community for not having affordable healthcare

  • Economic development in minority communities severely needed with capital injection

  • Affordable and sustainable housing needed to improve communities underserved



  • Water quality with water pollution reaching critical levels

  • Red tide exacerbation as a result of warming waters & nutrient pollution from aging sewage infrastructure, stormwater and urban and agriculture run-off

  • Lack of recycling and landfill support or educating the public to the benefits

  • Denial of Science-climate change, lack of renewable energy, unsustainable deforestation


  • Infrastructure is the necessary cornerstone for supporting both our economy and our environment

  • Too many flooded roads during rain, a large number of dirt roads that prevent County services from reaching homes, traffic gridlock & expensive toll roads while we have a surplus in tax money collected

  • Below hurricane standards in the power grid & Internet capability lacking while having unprecedented population growth

  • Sensitive ecological environments lost if we do not invest in infrastructure




Santa Rosa County Democrats


Okaloosa County DEC


Florida Democratic Environmental Caucus



If you believe that the Florida legislature needs fresh, compassionate leadership, chip in to support Angela's campaign. Every dollar make a difference!


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