The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida is proud to endorse Angela Hoover for Florida House of Representatives, District 3 (position in the General election on November 3, 2020.

Regarding her DECF endorsement, Ms. Hoover said, "In the past, I spent over a decade living in England & then California, these are places that have embraced the facts of our climate-crisis and are doing something about it. They are the models that we should aspire to in Florida. As an elected official I will work to ensure we lessen our carbon footprint and push to teach others that every small act contributes to either sustainability or destruction."

The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) is chartered by the Florida Democratic Party. Its members support Florida lawmakers, candidates, legislation and businesses which preserve, protect and restore Florida’s natural resources. The DECF concerns may include but are not limited to protecting Florida’s air quality, water quality, coastlines, wetlands, wildlife, wild lands and parks.