August 20, 2020

As the State Committeeman for the Santa Rosa County Democratic Party, I am honored to be able to endorse four fantastic candidates running for office in November: Phil Ehr for US Congressional District 1, Karen Butler for Florida Senate District 1, Angela Hoover for Florida House District 3, and Dianne Krumel for Florida House District 2.

New leadership is needed now more than ever. We are facing the biggest public health crisis of our lifetime. Our economy is at a perilous crossroads. Basic human rights are under attack. And there is a void in both Tallahassee and Washington D.C. as many of our current elected officials have failed in their basic duty to protect and advocate for their constituents.

With these four candidates, we have the opportunity to pave a new path forward. I have gotten to know each of them personally and have continually been impressed with their integrity, their passion, and their commitment to serving this community.

We will all be in good hands once these four are in office. I am honored to endorse Phil Ehr, Karen Butler, Angela Hoover, and Dianne Krumel.

Matt Becker
Santa Rosa Democratic State Committeeman